Mother India opened in 1990 and the restaurant has been the high-mark for Glasgow curries ever since. It was by no means an overnight success.

Chef and owner Monir Mohammed grew up in the East End and remembers a different city. There wasn’t much fine dining in Finnieston back then.

His ambition was to stand out for the crowd.

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“The Indian restaurants that were busy in those days all had the same menus but we wanted to be different. It was slow at first, but it was a restaurant review we had in The Herald from Raymond Gardner in 1990 that changed everything. Within a few hours people were queuing at the door. Then they came back with their pals or their family and it grew from there.”

Monir says it is important to move with the times. Something that is apparent as we sit in Mother India Café on Argyle Street which opened in 2014, pioneering Indian small plates and introduced different styles of Punjabi cooking.

“With Indian food you always have to going forward. When we started, Indian restaurants were stuck in the same place, now we are going down a different road. A better road. It’s healthier, better presentation, more authentic. We have wonderful vegetarian dishes.

“We’ve been here just over 30 years so the people I served in the nineties are not the same people who come here now” he says before acknowledging that there are customers that have a relationship with the business that spans the decades.”

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Billy Connolly has been a regular visitor. Steven Spielberg once arrived in for dinner and wasn’t recognised by any of the staff – it was only later they found out.

Star chef Anthony Bourdain turned up with a big production crew to film for his travel series.

For the most part, though, it’s the regular customers who maybe turn up on a rainy Monday night who Monir is delighted to see walk through the door:

“The 80s and the 90s was a boomtime for Indian restaurants in Glasgow. We’ve kept going and people still remember us. The hardest thing is to keep people coming back and maintaining your standards. It’s a privilege to still be a valued local restaurant.”