Rating: ***

It’s a rite of passage for any new flat to be christened with a takeaway.

But when the occupants of said new flat come down with what should only be known as ‘the-awful-flu-that-isn’t-Covid-but-is-still-really-bad’, that first bite may be subject to delays.

Having travelled into the city centre from the far-off lands of Knightswood, it was tricky to narrow our choices down. Our delivery-app of choice was full to the brim of food that could last me a lifetime, but ultimately, my boyfriend and I turned to an old favourite: Topolabamba.

It became a staple for us during lockdown, particularly when indoor seating in restaurants felt like a figment of our imaginations.

As we ordered at lunch time, I could take advantage of their Express lunch deal, which meant I could get either a taquito or tostada, a quesadilla and a side for just £12. From this, I opted for a Chorizo Taquito, Smoked Chicken Quesidilla and Salt & Chilli Fries. I wish I could tell you how the Chorizo Taquito was, but in the short 5 minutes it took me to get our cutlery and plates sorted, they were scoffed by my unbeknownst boyfriend. But he assured me it was the ‘perfect mix of crunchy and soft filling’.

Unfortunately, I felt the quesadilla, which I normally love for its tangy pickled onions and burnt exterior, just wasn’t up to scratch. The chicken was a bit too crumbly, and left my mouth feeling dry and a bit underwhelmed. But where the quesadilla fell short, the Honey Chipotle Ribs soon took its place, with a beautiful meat that just fell from the bone, and straight into my stomach. They were followed by the crispy yet chewy Churros that I added to my order at the last minute, which had the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar, they took mere minutes to demolish.

Disappointingly, as it was lunch time and I was typing away at work, I couldn’t indulge in my favourite part of Topolabamba; the margaritas. But rest assured, that’ll be top of my order next time around.

We always enjoy going for gluten free options at restaurants in Glasgow, which is why Topolabamba is always such a strong choice. So much of their menu is gluten free that they actually mark off what isn’t gluten free, as opposed to what is.

So all in all, a good showing from Topolobamba – perhaps not as ground-breaking as it felt during lockdown, but a filling lunch that left me decently contented yet wanting more.

Express Lunch Meal Deal

(Taquitos Chorizo, Smoked Chicken Quesadilla and Salt Chiili Fries): £12

Tostadas Lamb: £6.45

Taquitos Chicken: £5.20

Pico de Gallo & Chips: £3.95

Churros: £5.50

Honey Chipotle Ribs: £7.25

Fanta: £2.65

Irn Bru: £2.65

Home delivery time: 40 mins