Fully vaccinated visitors will be able to travel to the US from next month as the country ends blanket ban on foreign travellers entering the country. 

The Whitehouse confirmed that the borders will reopening on November 8 which is a major boost for the UK’s struggling airlines, airports and travel firms.

Former president Donald Trump introduced a ban on visitors coming into the USA in March 2020 following the coronavirus outbreak.

The new policy to reopen was announced last month, but it was not previously known when in November it would be implemented.

Responding to the news British Airways chief executive Sean Doyle said: “Nearly 600 days since the introduction of the US travel ban, this is a pivotal moment for the entire travel industry and finally provides the certainty we have so desperately needed.


“We can’t wait to welcome our customers back on board and reconnect friends and families across the Atlantic, rebuild US-UK business relationships and reclaim Britain’s position as a leader on the global stage.”

Shai Weiss, his counterpart at Virgin Atlantic, said: “The UK will now be able to strengthen ties with our most important economic partner, the US, boosting trade and tourism as well as reuniting friends, families and business colleagues.”