WELCOME to our new weekly round up of the best read exclusive court stories in the Glasgow Times this week.

Our court reporters are at Glasgow Sheriff Court every day, bringing you exclusive news from the criminal justice system.

This week our top read court story came from Govanhill.

Glasgow Times:

Florin Turtulea sobbed in the dock as the court heard how he had carried out a spate of crimes across the Southside.

He attacked a police officer, tried to assault a man who was preventing him stealing a bike, and was caught on CCTV making off with other bicycles.

Read more about the case here.

Glasgow Times readers were also keen to read about Allan Murray, who dodged jail after punching an elderly man and a woman as they waited for a taxi outside a Rangers pub.

The court heard that Murray was so remorseful for his actions that he hasn't drunk alcohol or been to the football since.

Read the full story here.

Richard Dobbin was out of luck when a dangerous weapon accidentally slipped out of his jacket sleeve... outside a police station while two police officers happened to be driving past.

Dobbin bolted for Asda Toryglen but cops caught up with him.

Here are the details of what a sheriff had to say about his actions.

Gillian Wilson ripped her victim's hair out when she launched an attack on a woman in Glasgow Central Station.

Glasgow Times:

Wilson accused the woman of staring at her in an elevator and when the woman denied looking, the 32-year-old pounced.

Find out more here.

It was the second time in two years that Robert McEleney had been caught drunk driving.

But the young workman who was hiding his crime from his mother dodged jail, despite launching a foul mouthed attack on innocent passers-by during the incident in Finnieston.

This is what happened.