How long are the SNP going to stand by and support this religious and football team fanatic and bigot?

This isn’t by far the first time he has chosen his religious beliefs and football team preferences over his constituents best interests.

Name and address supplied

With the number of serious assaults on Glasgow Streets on an almost daily basis it’s proof violence is sinking to a new low level. Something must be done to claim back our streets, and make them safer.

A joined up approach is needed to tackle the problem. Especially that of knife crime.

Maybe a knives amnesty to get these weapons off our streets?

Jill Ferguson

Yes, it is time the subject necessities of asylum seekers get brought up by Andrew Jamieson (Glasgow Times, October 16). Can you compare it to some pensioners who may be just a few pounds over the limit to claim most benefits.

There are thousands of people in this city who are struggling to keep their heads above water without any help from anyone.

W McCarron

Thank goodness the vast majority of people are decent and fair minded, unlike your correspondent Andrew Jamieson.

Where does such inner anger and spite come from?

MA (Glasgow)

I notice in the Glasgow Times on Friday that, in spite of the glorious Technicolour photo showing BARROWLAND, the caption and again in the body of the article refer to “The BarrowlandS” This is the second time I have pointed this out in an email. There has never been an S on the end of the name. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE BARROWLAND BALLROOM.

If the venue is as legendary as the article suggests, please get the name right.

Isabel Hutton

How sad it was to read about the number of ex-prisoners ending up in the city’s streets.

We need to do more to help them. After all, the chance for forgiveness makes us human.

J Smith