A VOLUNTEER-RUN garden in Maryhill has been given a prestigious award for the second time, despite frequent vandalism during lockdown.

Keep Scotland Beautiful recognised 77 parks in the UK with the Green Flag Community Award, which celebrates sustainable, well maintained outdoors spaces that improve the mental health of members of the community by providing spots to relax and recharge.

Glasgow Times:

Maryhill Community Garden was given the acknowledgement for the first time last year and volunteers were working hard during lockdown to maintain the tidy space for all to enjoy.

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Alan Cooper, 76, a long-time gardener and founder of the project said: "It was very satisfying to get the award last year.

"This year, we were concerned because it has been a difficult year for us, we had a lot of problems with antisocial behaviour."

Many volunteers were discouraged by the smashed glass bottles, trampled flowerbeds and burned-down raised beds.

Glasgow Times:

Mr Cooper added: "We repaired damage and cleared up messes almost on a weekly basis when the vandals were partying enthusiastically.

"It has always been a small problem, but it was worse this year because these parties seem to get more organised.

"Recently, we had more involvement by the police and local Council offices to understand what is happening as see what we can do to alleviate it."

Despite challenges, the assessors - who visited the Maryhill garden 'in secret'- were impressed by its cleanliness and positive impact on the community.

The volunteer gardeners said they are encouraged by this recognition and hope to continue their work to benefit the community.