A woman has hit out after a small child was allowed into a Glasgow venue to watch a “dark and disturbing” movie rated over-15 last week. 

The boy - believed to be around primary school age -  was noticed sitting in the audience with his mother and grandmother watching a concert screening of Joker at the Royal Concert Hall on Thursday, October 14.

Lisa Lochhead, a viewer who spotted the child, said: “Joker is a dark and disturbing portrayal of one man’s loss of humanity and descent into madness.

“But noticing a child was far more disturbing than the film.”

Glasgow Times:

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Lisa, who was part of a group travelling to Glasgow from Shropshire and Wales, first noticed the boy during the intermission.

At the point in the movie when Joker is seen suffocating his elderly mother, Lisa saw the child’s parent escorting him out. However, they returned to the hall shortly after.

“They came back in and were sitting in different seats as the Joker’s descent into madness and violence continued,” she added.

Lisa brought up the issue with the usher and manager on duty at the end of the show, but was shocked by their response.

“They said they had no power to stop the child from being in the concert hall as they had bought a ticket,” she said.

Glasgow Times:

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“The tickets clearly state over 15s but they say they did not have the power to enforce that restriction like in a cinema.”

“As a customer and concert goer I did not want to see this small boy subjected to a film like this,” she added.

“Age restrictions are there for a reason. Shame on you Royal Concert Hall, shocking Glasgow!”

A spokesperson for Glasgow Life said: “During a concert screening of the 15-rated film Joker, staff at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall twice reminded a group including a child of the age restriction on the film. Should a similar incident occur in the future, anyone obviously underage will not be allowed access to the event.”

The acclaimed crime drama by director Todd Phillip is touring the UK accompanied by a live orchestra performing Hildur Guðnadóttir’s score.

The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, role which won him several accolades, including and Academy Award for Best Actor.