A MAN caught dealing drugs because 'he couldn't find other work' narrowly dodged jail.

On November 25, 2019, cops pulled over a Mercedes A Class with Saleem in the driver's seat.

There was a strong smell of cannabis coming from inside the car, the court heard, and the 29-year-old was behaving erratically.

Depute fiscal Lauren Ram Sangray told Glasgow Sheriff Court how Saleem was moving his head and hands below the steering wheel.

When a search revealed drugs in the vehicle, Saleem, from Blantyre, said: "It's my friends.

"There migth be a bit more in the car but that's it."

As well as the drugs, £487.46 and 20 Euro was also found.

In the car was various amounts of herbal material and resealable plastic bags of crystal were found.

Saleem's home was then searched and more drugs, both cannabis and cocaine, were discovered.

Sheriff Allan McKay said he was surprised at how "very frank" Saleem had been with the social worker who compiled his criminal justice social work report.

His defence lawyer said: "That is an indication of his naivety.

"He is clearly not someone who knows how to play the game. and has been very straightforward and just told the [social worker] how it is."

Sheriff McKay said: "We need to stop these loose cannons going in to the job.

"He doesn't go into why he took up the offer of employment [selling drugs]."

His solicitor replied that it was because he is currently unemployed and, although he owns a flat to rent out, he currently does not have any tenants.

The sheriff said: "Under slightly different circumstances on a slightly different day I would have sent you to prison at the top of my sentencing powers.

"You are of otherwise good character and you have been incredibly honest in the report."

Saleem was tagged for 108 days with the hours he will have to stay at home changing throughout the order.

Initially he will have to stay at home between the hours of 8pm and 6am and this will eventually decrease on December 15 to 11pm to 5am.