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Just today, we launched our Spotlight series through which we will showcase investigative reports that aim to shine a light on the biggest stories affecting our city. 

Going forward, Spotlight will become an important part of what we do at the Glasgow Times and will be part of our investigative approach to tackling the biggest stories in the city.

Read the first story in the series as we take a look at your waste and what happens to it.

We have also just launched a new Food and Drink podcast, hosted by our reporter Sarah Campbell and the Glasgowist's Paul Trainer. 

Every two weeks we will talk to big names in Glasgow's food scene and up-and-coming new names across the city. 

Listen to it now on Spotify or Apple.

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As part of that consistent effort, we have now created tailored pages: Glasgow Food & Drink, Glasgow Crime, Glasgow Property, Glasgow Southside Times, Glasgow North Times, Glasgow West End Times, Glasgow East End Times, and Glasgow Times Football. 

With the new social media pages, you will be able to keep on top all the latest for your area at all times. 

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