A charity has launched a new programme to tackle loneliness and social isolation in the elderly community in Glasgow.

Shining Stars, which is part of East End Empowering Stars, runs various activities and events for older people of disadvantaged communities in Glasgow to come together in a social environment.

Organiser Mitchell Gavin said: “Our programme works with the elderly in communities, care homes and sheltered accommodation. We offer free activities and workshops such as arts & crafts, line dancing, bingo, singing, quizzes, cake making/decorating and much more along with a cuppa, biscuits and people to talk to.”

Earlier this year we talked to the group, which began from a voluntary project in 2019 to support mental health in children during COVID. It has since expanded into four programmes for different age groups.

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Creative Stars works with children aged 5-10 to create an imaginative space in which to play, while Caring Stars is a mindfulness workshop which focusses on mental wellbeing activities.

Mitchell said: “The aim of our programmes is to bring a safe space and opportunities to those living in disadvantaged communities throughout the East End of Glasgow.”

Reach for the Stars aims to help kids aged 12 and over to earn awards and qualifications through taking part in community-based activities, which involves working with the newest group, Shining Stars.

Mitchell continued: “Our young volunteers lead and manage the sessions for the elderly as part of their accredited award. This bring loads of enthusiasm as our volunteers are young and motivated. Everyone can attend our sessions. This bring all generations together and people from all walks of life to have fun and socialise.”

There has been a positive response from the elderly community attending Shining Stars workshops. One care home resident said: “You guys have really made my week.”

Another resident enjoys the programme and wants to return, saying: “I’ve had so much fun, see you next week.”

The charity was recently nominated for the Proud Scotland Awards and are currently in the running for the Glasgow Times Community Champion Award.