A MEDICAL emergency took place at a city theatre forcing the opening night of the musical Bat Out of Hell to come to a halt.

The curtain came down on the first act of the award-winning hit show which features Jim Steinman and Meatloaf's greatest hits after an audience member fell unconscious 10 minutes before the interval.

While the actors were on stage, members of the audience could be heard shouting for help before the house lights came up. 

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Glasgow Times:

The show - which runs at the theatre until Saturday, October 30 - paused for 40 minutes as staff at the theatre helped.

The theatre confirmed that the audience member was taken to the nearby Glasgow Royal Infirmary. 

A spokesperson said: "A patron fell unconscious during the first act of Bat Out of Hell at the King’s Theatre on Tuesday, November 19.

"They were promptly assisted by venue staff and nearby audience members before being taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary and admitted overnight.

"The King’s Theatre is supporting the patient’s family and wish them a speedy recovery."