NIGHTCLUBS in Glasgow are facing a boycott after a series of reports emerged over women being spiked by injection on nights out. 

Students from Girls Night In Glasgow are leading the campaign after police confirmed they were investigating allegations at venues on Sauchiehall Street from last week. 

The group is urging partygoers not to attend major venues on Thursday, October 28 amid calls for nighttime industry bosses to take urgent action. 

They are, instead, urging revellers to host flat parties to "show the disgusting human beings that are spiking people and local clubs that we do not need nightclubs to have a good time".

An Instagram post reads: "On Thursday, let's all host flat parties or gatherings in safe environments so we can show how the disgusting human beings that are spiking people and local clubs that we do not need nightclubs to have a good time at the risk of our own safety."

The boycott comes as part of a UK-wide campaign that will also see venues in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen snubbed after similar reports of spiking by injection emerged in recent days. 

A spokesperson from Girls Night in Glasgow said: "We received hundreds of messages about people’s personal experiences with spiking, sexual harassment as well as the mentioning of hospitalisations and counselling sessions that were needed as a result of the incidents.

"Enough is enough. Girls Night In hopes to bring attention to just how urgently this issue needs to be dealt with, given the recent rise in spiking cases, particularly via injection.

"The violation of anyone's body should strike a chord with everyone, which is why we are trying to make our movement as inclusive as possible.

"Drink spiking and rape culture must be addressed at a systematic level, by both clubs/organisers and government.

"We demand serious reforms and accountability for the unsafe environment that the ignorance and evil certain groups of people are causing."

Police Scotland have confirmed that the incidents across Scotland do not appear to be linked. 

The force is urging those who believe they may have been a victim of spiking in Glasgow in recent weeks to get in touch. 

A spokesman said: "We are aware of posts circulating on social media about spiking incidents involving injections in Scotland.

"Officers are carrying out inquiries, and a small number of reports from the Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow areas are being investigated.

"These do not appear to be linked."

Police Scotland can be contacted on 101.