An iconic Glasgow landmark is set to illuminate in celebration of climate change activists for COP26. 

St Andrew's Cathedral in the city centre will hold a projection exhibit showcasing the 'heroes' of the climate summit as part of a campaign called ChangeMakers. 

Individuals from all over the world have joined ChangeMakers in their fight to tackle climate change, and are being celebrated with their images lit on the church's front facade as part of a campaign led by Climate Investment Funds (CIF). 

Some of the faces that will be featured include Aditi Singh, an engineer from Badla solar plant which is set to become India's largest, and Grace Kpan, a student from Ivory Coast aiming to tackle energy issues in her country with her initiative Light On. Glasgow Times:

Also lighting up the city will be Glasgow-based Robert Alston, the vice-chair of Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve Management Group. Robert is passionate about maintaining the claypits for wildlife and the local community. 

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Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken said: "These projections celebrate the important steps these individuals have taken in tackling climate change, and I hope the campaign encourages citizens and visitors to the city to create their own climate action commitment."

Ahead of the Glasgow climate summit taking place, the public are being encouraged to join the campaign and become a ChangeMaker too. 

CEO of CIF Mafalda Duarte said: "In these extraordinary times, as we are faced with an even more immediate need to confront the climate crisis, ChangeMakers are necessary to galvanize and encourage a climate action movement. CIF is proud to inaugurate and support this initiative because we understand that change starts from all of us. Time and time again, CIF has shown that when champions are supported and nurtured, their eventual success brings about bigger, national transformation." 

To find out how you can be a ChangeMaker you can visit this link HERE