The number of people missing the deadline for their energy bill due to lack of cash has increased by 44% in a year, a study has revealed.

A new poll by YouGov for Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) shows that now 1 in 7 cannot afford to pay their bill on time, compared to 1 in 10 in 2020. 

CAS have also warned that this figure could climb higher, as high energy costs during winter and the price cap increase pose a greater threat.

Senior Energy Policy Officer Alastair Wilcox said: “This increase is hugely worrying. 1 in 10 people unable to pay for their energy because of a lack of cash was unacceptable in the first place. That it soared to more than 1 in 7 during the pandemic shows the strain household budgets are under.

“Sadly, there is a very real risk these numbers will climb higher in the year to come, with energy prices increasing and the ongoing problems in the energy market. Many people with suppliers who have gone out of business may end up on higher tariffs, or lose access to the lifeline Warm Homes Discount."

CAS have offered assistance for those who may feel that they fall into this category. Advice is free and confidental and can be found on their WEBSITE.