A MUM appeared in court after racially abusing and assaulting her own son.

Lorrayne Connelly’s children contacted the police on July 27 this year concerned that their mother, the carer of their great aunt, was not looking after her properly.

They said that they felt she was taking advantage of the situation.

A short time later, a relative of Connelly's received three voicemails from the 48-year-old.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, the prosecutor said: “The accused was heard stating, ‘listen you f*****g cow, come to my aunt’s house cause I’m f*****g waiting on you in the f*****g street. You w***e. You’re a f*****g mutt, you f*****g d**k’.”

At around 7pm on the same day, Connelly’s son and daughter attended at the aunt’s house in Springburn to check on her.

The court heard that they were concerned about their mother being there and not letting them speak to their great aunt on the phone.

When they entered, their mum became verbally abusive.

The procurator fiscal depute added: “She called her son a p**i s***k and a p**i f****t. She called her daughter a fat ugly s***k.

“She continued with the abuse whilst going into their faces. She pushed her son to the chest, causing him to fall backwards into a table.

“Her son and daughter left, taking their great aunt with them. Police were contacted and attended.

“The accused was arrested, cautioned and charged. She stated to police 'yous are f*****g idiots’, ‘f*****g w****s’ and ‘f*****g b*****s’.”

Connelly appeared at court for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner, uttering threats of violence, uttering racist remarks, and assault.

Her lawyer said that alcohol played a large role during the incidents.

He added: “It’s unpleasant behaviour and the language is embarrassing to her. She is embarrassed about her behaviour.

“There is clearly a link between alcohol misuse that has played a part in that behaviour. I’m hoping the court would be able to step in and help her with her alcohol issues.”

Sheriff Shona Gilroy ordered Connelly to stay within her home in the Gorbals between 7pm-7am for 40 days and be under social work supervision for one year.

The sheriff said: “This was foul behaviour. I’m sure you have got a lot of work to do with your children to repair relationships.”