A GLASGOW union binman has become a Twitter sensation. 

In a campaign for better pay for refuse workers, Chris Mitchell from the GMB has shared "rousing" speeches from depots across the city. 

Each day on social media, videos have been shared from the union of the branch convener campaigning for a pay rise for his members. 

And the representative has grown a steady following, with the saying "this is Chris Michell from the GMB with a clear message to COSLA" becoming a momentum. 

Some have said that Chris would make a great alarm clock with his energetic chants.

One person said: "I want Chris Mitchell to be my alarm in the morning. Would 100% get up for 6am go a jog, get all my work done and unionise every hospo place before 12pm."

Another added: "If someone could get the GMB's Chris Mitchell to record a birthday message for me I'd appreciate it. Motivational."

Commenting on the momentum, the man himself said he was overwhelmed with the support.

Chris Mitchell said: "Over the last week we have never seen anything like this, the support from people all over the world has been amazing - the kind words on social media platforms has brought so many together in workplaces and communities.

"The solidarity and camaraderie is getting bigger and bigger. From the comments we've seen, it looks like people are taking inspiration from it - giving everyone the confidence to make a stand in what they believe in."