Like most of Glasgow this month, I was recently hit with a terrible dose of the cold.

In true drama queen fashion, it reduced me to a snivelling mess who drove friends and colleagues mad with constant coughing and complaining.

Now back to full health (and keen to avoid returning back to such a pitiful state anytime soon) for my turn at the Glasgow Times takeaway review I chose the hugely popular West End health food cafe Juicy.

Celebrity sightings are a weekly occurrence at the Byres road shop and I was keen to see what all the fuss is about as well as attempting to supercharge my immune system.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: The full order from juicy arrived fast and well packagedPictured: The full order from juicy arrived fast and well packaged

Healthy options don’t mean sacrificing choice at Juicy who serve everything from winter soups to refreshing acai bowls.

I opted for a build your own salad bowl, assuming that it would be packed with the most flu-fighting nutrients.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: The 'fat burner' juice left us no slimmer but tasted greatPictured: The 'fat burner' juice left us no slimmer but tasted great

On the side, I ordered a Fat Burner juice.

As a disclaimer here, I don’t believe one bottle of green juice will help anyone drop a dress size, but chose this one because the mix of pineapple, apple, cucumber, spinach, lime and moringa sounded the most appealing.

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The final item on my order was a ‘raw’ Twix bar to combat the usual mid-afternoon slump that hits at this time of year.

It’s worth noting that I ordered through Deliveroo which gave me a 30% discount offer. This made the whole order seem like great value for money, especially when I was handed a bag heavy with healthy treats.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: The build your own salad bowl was jam packed and great value for moneyPictured: The build your own salad bowl was jam packed and great value for money

The salad bowl was in no way dainty.

Instead, it was stuffed full of fresh and tasty ingredients like salt and chilli sweet potato, pickled cabbage and falafel.

The build your own options are fantastic and mean that you get exactly what you want depending on personal taste and dietary requirements.

It took me longer to eat this massive portion than it did for it to be delivered which will hopefully give you some idea of how generous the portions at Juicy are.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: A raw twix bar for a mid-afternoon energy boostPictured: A raw twix bar for a mid-afternoon energy boost

The raw Twix bar was a perfect mix of dark chocolate, and what I assume was a date-based caramel. I have mixed feelings about so-called 'guilt free' desserts, but in this instance, it genuinely tasted great, indulgence or otherwise.

My fat burner juice was maybe the only weak link in the order, tasting just a little on the watery side. Without the discount, it would have been priced at £5.95 which felt at odds with the value for money of the salad and Twix bar.

That being said, I would much rather have a juice that I know is holding back on sugary fillers in favour of actual nutritional value.

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All in all, I was very impressed with my lunchtime delivery from Juicy and wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

This is one insta-famous eatery that definitely lives up to the hype.


Where? West End

Type of Food: Healthy salads, juices and treats

Build your own superfood salad bowl: £7.95

Fat Burner Juice: £5.95

Raw Twix bar: £3.95

Delivery: £1.99

Service Charge: £0.89

Total: £17.85

Total with Deliveroo discount:£12.49
Rating ****