ALL 15 Subway stations in Glasgow will have 4G access as EE finishes rollout in time for COP26.

The coverage will allow commuters to access EE’s mobile network to call, text and use data, across the city’s Subway stations.

Other than the 4G network, the Emergency Services Network (ESN) is also being installed, which will enable first responders to transmit fast, safe and secure voice, video and data via the network, once they connect to it.

The networks will start to operate on Sunday, October 31 to enhance the service as more people will use it during COP26.

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The ESN will have priority over the public network, to ensure the police, ambulance, fire engines and rescue services can communicate efficiently.

Stevie Espie, Chief Inspector Police Scotland said: "The deployment of 4G coverage and ESN within the SPT Subway system is vital for the emergency services in Scotland.

"ESN will allow emergency responders enhanced, priority-based access to their critical communications system, even in busier periods, whilst the use of 4G will allow the emergency services to deploy innovative, digital technology to deliver the best service to the public."

SPT Acting Chief Executive Valerie Davidson added: “As more and more people are using a smartphone, there is, quite rightly, an increased demand and expectation for good connectivity to be available everywhere as people move about during their day. 

“Working with EE, we are now able to provide that service to them in the Subway. Being connected is essential to our customers, and we are keen to see the roll-out of 4G to enhance our passengers’ experience on the Subway.”