Tens of thousands of protesters, campaigners and environmental activists are expected to flood into Glasgow next week as the UN COP 26 begins in the city.

As well as the Global Day of Action march a week on Saturday which an estimated 100,000 are expected to take part in there is likely to be protests, stunts and disruption at any time before and during the event.

Already there has been protests in George Square and close to the COP event zone at the SEC.

The wider environmental movement is made up of hundreds of groups around the world and many have their own specific method of drawing attention to their cause.

Some are theatrical and focus on human or public a statement, some focus on campaigns and lobbying of governments for urgent action

Others prefer direct action which can be disrupting transport infrastructure or occupying a high profile landmark.

Glasgow is likely to see every type of campaign tactic over the next two weeks

Already in George square we have seen the Glasgow Action Team with an art installation ‘Field of climate Fire.

And across the River Clyde from the SEC, Ocean Rebellion staged a protest with a giant papier mache head of Boris Johnson setting fire to an installation entitled your children’s future.

Many others with a high profile will be in the city over the next two weeks.

Extinction rebellion has recently become one of the most high profile public demonstrating environmental groups.

Members are expected in the next few days with a convoy heading north from England growing by the day.

Extinction Rebellion are known for blocking public roads and occupying sites.

Their most recent protest saw 15 activists chaining themselves to a boat to blocking the Fawley refinery in Hampshire.

Protesters also broke into the site climbing on oil silos.

Extinction Rebellion also block roads with their distinctive pink boat.

It states: “Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.”

Its protesters often block roads by linking themselves with chains and pipes to make it difficult for police to remove them.

Part of the movement is the red rebel brigade who dress in long red robes, and who paint their faces white and stage theatrical silent slow moving protests often in front of police officers at large demonstrations.

Their haunting displays are likely to be seen in Glasgow.

In recent months Insulate Britain have taken to the age old simple but effective tactic of sitting down on roads blocking traffic.

In England where they have done this recently members of the public have dragged the protesters off the road to allow cars, vans and an ambulance to get past.

This week Insulate Britain protesters were squirted with ink by an angry motorist as they sat passively on the road.

The group has said it will not be coming to Glasgow but individual members could still come to the city and take part in protests.

The COP 26 Alliance has organised the march on Saturday November 6

It includes many long established and some new campaign and protest Groups.

Greenpeace UK is part of the alliance and is known for eye-catching occupations of key pieces of infrastructure, particularly relating to oil and gas sector or to highlight arctic preservation.

If they are planning a protest in Glasgow it would almost certainly be a spectacle.

Rising Tide is a network of groups and people who campaign on the basis that climate change is a social justice issue.

It states: “We believe that public protest has always played a crucial role in movements for social change

Global witness campaigns on attacks and intimidation of indigenous people and landowners for the purpose of governments or business taking land for extraction of resources.

It said: “For over 25 years, we have investigated and exposed environmental and human rights abuses in the oil, gas, mining, and timber sectors, and tracked ill-gotten money and influence through the global financial and political system.”

Green New Deal Rising has already made headlines in Glasgow.

Earlier this year members stopped the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon at a public event in Glasgow and challenged her about the Scottish Government stance on the Cambo oil field.

It said: “We break the rules to disrupt the political system

“The rules are written to benefit the wealthy and powerful. We break the rules to change the narrative, disrupt the political system and force politicians to face up to the scale of the crisis.”

In Holyrood yesterday Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister said: “People want to come and make their voices heard. That is understandable, given the importance of the issues that are under discussion.

“However, I say to people who are looking to come to protest in Glasgow that they should do it peacefully and with recognition that the people of Glasgow are agreeing to host the conference and suffering some disruption because of that, so they should not add to that disruption for them. Let us all get behind the people who will negotiate a good outcome—I hope—for the future of the planet.