ONE of Glasgow’s best-known street artists has unveiled a new mural in the city ahead of COP26. 

Bobby McNamara, also known as Rogue One, created the impressive installation on Cresswell Lane in the West End. 

Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Gordon Terris][Photograph by Gordon Terris]

The huge mural is nearing completion and is the first in an ongoing series of murals across Scotland in the lead-up to and following COP26.

Bobby said: “It’s great of course, I’ve done a lot of murals in Glasgow. I’m used to this thing now of having them out there and everyone seeing them and talking about them but I don’t actually have a huge one like this in the West End, so it’s been great to get a hold of a small gable end and to do a big mural in the West End as well.

“It’s hard to sum these sorts of things up in words really. Especially when you’re still in the zone of finishing it up but, I think it’s fantastic, it’s colourful, it’s vibrant, epic, and has a great message to it.”

Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Gordon Terris][Photograph by Gordon Terris]

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The mural features the quote: “There’s No Place Like Home. Choose Earth” and depicts an astronaut on Mars longingly reaching towards the Earth.  

Brendan Wallace, co-founder and managing partner at Fifth Wall who commissioned the art, said: “We must prioritise Earth and to do so we need companies, especially real estate companies, to make critical investments in climate technology. 

“Climate change is a collective action problem that requires a collective action solution, so it is important that everyone across all industries do their part to decarbonise the economy.”