EXTINCTION Rebellion activists have locked themselves to the memorial gate at the University of Glasgow - using bike chains around their necks.

Four activists from the climate action group have locked their own bodies to the gate to demand the university implement the UofG Green New Deal.

The activists are all students at the university and involved in the Extinction Rebellion student society.

They have used bike locks to chain their necks to the gate.

A sign which says 'Change is Coming' is attached to the gate whilst the four activists hold up signs which say 'Decarbonise', 'Divest', 'Decolonise', 'Democratise'.

They are calling on the University’s Vice Chancellor Anton Muscatelli to commit the University to implementing the UofG Green New Deal, including all sixty demands which they claim would end the University’s ecologically destructive practices.

Glasgow Times:


One person who locked themself to the gate, Vidya Nanthakumar, 21, said: “We have locked ourselves to this gate because we are so frustrated that the University refuses to take the urgent action the climate crisis demands".

The demonstration today was sparked by apparent failed talks yesterday with the Vice Chancellor and other University representatives.

Protester Eve Sharples, 21, said: “We are dismayed that the University refused to even make a single commitment to real climate action in yesterday’s meeting.

“We know what needs to be done, the Green New Deal made that very clear when it was published two years ago, yet the University still has no viable strategy to tackle its many ecologically destructive practices.

“The University must live up to its rhetoric on climate and implement the Deal now.”

Protester stated that instead of proposed change from the vice chanceloor and his colleagues they were only met with the offer of more meetings.

Vidya Nanthakumar added:  “In their meeting with the Vice Chancellor yesterday, the Green New Deal Coalition were only offered more talk, more dither, more delay. We are already in a climate crisis; we cannot afford to wait.”

This is a Breaking News story and the University of Glasgow have been contacted for comment.