The orchestral leader of Gladstones Bag has spoken about his excitement to perform on Hallowe'en night at Glasgow's Britannia Panopticon - thought to be the eldest music hall in the world - where his orchestra will accompany Nosferatu.

Lawrence Dunn,72, started volunteering at Britannia Panopticon in 2008 - and since then, the director has asked him to play at every silent film to help with "the atmosphere".

Lawrence will conduct Gladstones Bag to play at the silent film Nosferatu as "the film's not quite as effective without the music."

He said: "You need the music so the audience can tell when a character is evil or something evil is going on!"

Glasgow Times:

The 1922 German film is based on Dracula and on Hallowe'en will be accompanied by strings, wind and piano; to bring the director Murnau's horror film to life.

Lawrence said: " I just love doing it. It takes hours and hours just to get it right.

"But, I love putting the music together and if it works it works.

"I have to lead it because I know the music and the films inside out. It can be tricky but you get used to it.

"As musicians, we just enjoy playing the instruments."

Lawrence added one of his favourite silent films to perform to was Laurel and Hardy; emphasising the music hall was one of Stan Laurel's first, captivating platforms.