FIRST it was the Hydro in a hit Netflix film. Now it seems Edinburgh has tried to claim a climate change summit held in Glasgow as their own. 

At least that's what a viral tweet from a legendary broadcaster suggested this morning after he appeared to say COP26 was taking place in the capital. 

Glaswegians haven't held back in telling Wolf Blitzer, one of the most senior anchors for CNN, that he might want to head a little further along the M8 to be where the action really is. 


From today, world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, have arrived in Glasgow for the United Nations climate change summit but earlier Mr Blitzer posted a photograph of himself in a broadcast studio set up against the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle and wrote: “I’m now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit.”

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He added to his 1.7 million followers: “COP, by the way, stands for 'Conference of the Parties'. It’s the 26th time they have gathered to discuss and take action on this critical issue.”

Scores of Glaswegians have responded to the tweet, including Still Game star Greg Hemphill who said: "Wolf mate get yourself to Glesga."

Author James Felton replied: "Forgive me if I get my information from a news organization that managed to go to the right city." 

He also posted a popular meme from the TV series The Office which poked fun at the faux pax.


One user wrote: “You are an exceptional news anchor, your hosting of the American elections since 2004 proves this, however I wish to say (without any disrepect) that you are not living up to your reputation.

“The summit is being held in Glasgow, 39 miles due west of your current location.”

Another tweeted: “Why are you in Edinburgh? Sat nav not get you to the city where it’s actually taking place?”

The comment also sparked a Twitter spat between social media users as to the relative size of Scotland.

One wrote: “It's all basically the same place in such a tiny country.”

Another replied: “Scotland is roughly half the size of England, and Edinburgh is a totally different city to Glasgow, which is over an hour’s drive west, on the other side of the country.”

One responded by comparing Scotland to London.

He wrote: “Scotland is roughly half the population of London.

“It's like the difference between Croydon and Bromley.

“If I wished to report on nearby Bromley, I would pick Croydon as a nice base with better shops, prettier brutalist buildings, a quick clean tram ride away.”

Things didn’t stop there with even Specsavers using their iconic catchphrase to reply: “Should have gone to Glasgow.”

Mr Blitzer hosts ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer’ and has been one of CNN’s chief new anchors for many years.

The Hydro appeared in last year's Netflix film Eurovision, much to the annoyance of Glaswegians.