It's time to stop believing that going vegan means giving up your favourite foods.

Far from resigning yourself to a life of sad salads, Glasgow is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world with a plant-based alternative to almost every craving imaginable.

If you're still in need of some convincing, read on for our list of some of the veggie-friendly swaps in town: 


Admittedly, vegan cheese can be hit and miss. However, there are a number of local businesses who are completely changing the game when it comes to dairy-free dining.

The Nutcrafter Creamery are artisan cheesemakers who have been perfecting their recipes for years.

Using the same traditional process of ageing and flavouring, but with cashews instead of dairy, they use only the best organic ingredients to achieve some amazing results.

Order online, or try some of their vegan cheeses at Merchant city cafe Plantyful which is owned by the Nutcrafter team.

Glasgow Times:

A Full Fry Up

Is there any better way to spend a Sunday morning than indulging in a full fry up?

When it comes to vegan eating look no further than the Brooklyn Café on Minard road.

Order their Big Vegan Fry Up and you’ll be served a plate heavy with homemade vegan square sausage, black pudding, haggis, hash brown, fried bread and more.

Fried ‘Chicken’

They’re well known for their massive burgers, but Buck’s Bar on West Regent street and in Trongate also serve a vegan version of their classic fried chicken.

Made from a mix of seitan and jackfruit and seasoned with the same spices as their meat options, making the switch to plant-based has never been easier, or tasted better!

Munchie Boxes

Don’t think that going plant-based means you’ll have to sacrifice your favourite hangover cure.

Puti Vegan Café on Cambridge street delivers fully vegan munchie boxes using a build your own set up.

Choose from options like salt and chilli chips, crispy shredded ‘chicken’, satay skewers or ‘prawn' toast with a side of curry sauce or gravy for dipping.


It’s definitely not easy to recreate the texture and taste of steak, but alternative ‘mheat’ makers Sgaia have some amazing plant-based products which are perfect for anyone worrying about their protein intake.

The Paisley based company stocks health food shops and delis all over Glasgow with individual steaks and cold ‘mheats’ and burgers.


Sometimes, simple pleasures are the best, and we think this city-centre café deserves a shout out for its amazing vegan version of a BLT.

Picnic café on Ingram street is the perfect place to grab a fuss-free lunch on the go, with a deli counter full of freshly made sandwiches like ‘no-egg’ mayo rolls or cakes like vegan friendly snowballs.

Macaroni Pies

Rose and Grants in Trongate is a real hidden gem for vegan food in the city centre.

On their menu, you’ll find vegan scrambled egg, cheese toasties or even a take on the classic McMuffin.

The star of the show (in our opinion at least) are their homemade pies, in particular the carb-heavy macaroni which is served with an optional side of baked beans.


Café Strange brew in Shawlands has a well-earned reputation as one of the best brunch spots in Glasgow.

If you like to start the day with something sweet, then we have good news as the café’s massive pancake stacks are also available as vegan options.

Choose from a simple maple syrup or salted caramel, coconut, cream banana and peanut brittle.

A true breakfast of champions.

Ice Cream

South Siders will no doubt be familiar with Ginesi’s Artisan Gelato who have daily vegan specials which range from Biscoff spread to mint chocolate chip.

We swear you won’t be able to taste the difference between their plant-based and traditional dairy ice creams!