HOLLYWOOD heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio visited Maryhill's Wyndford estate last night for a COP26 fringe event.

The Titanic star was mingling with locals in The Engine Works on Lochburn Road.

So we took to the streets of the Glasgow estate to ask Maryhill residents what they thought of the A-List visit.

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Glasgow Times:

Desmond Campbell, 54, from Ruchill, said: "That's amazing, I'm really surprised at that. Seriously aye at the Engine room, aye? Oh my God, I would have gone and got his autograph."

Glasgow Times:

Suzanne Orchard, 43, from Maryhill, said: "I saw in the news today Leo was in Maryhill and I would have never expected to have seen the day that Leo and Maryhill would've been in the same sentence but here we are.

"I put extra lippy on today just in case he felt the urge to come back and visit us again today."

We asked, "Do you think you'll see him again today?" She beamed: "I hope so. I doubt it but you never know!"

Glasgow Times:

Rona Keshavarz, 37, who is from Iran but now lives in Maryhill, said: "I like his films. Titanic is a film no one forgets and it's really popular all over the world. It doesn't matter what age you are everyone has seen it. I like him, I would have liked to have met him."

Glasgow Times:

Deborah OLanioii, 26, who is from Nigeria but has just moved to Glasgow, said: I'm not used to here yet so I wouldn't have liked to have met him. My favourite film of his is, em I don't have one they are all good! I'm very shy though so I wouldn't like to be in a film with him."

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Meanwhile, our readers took to Facebook to express their disbelief at Leo's visit to the North Glasgow area.

Tam Taggart joked: "The wolf of Maryhill."