The organisers of Cop26 have apologised to those attending after people were forced to queue for long periods to access the venue during the opening two days.  

The UN Climate Change secretariat said that the "exceptional and unprecedented logistical circumstances" caused by the Covid pandemic, the presence of so many world leaders and the huge interest in the conference because of its climate change agenda lay behind the problems. 

Many people have had to wait hours to access the SECC campus, while there have also been problems with those trying to watch proceedings online, with the bespoke Cop26 platform frequently crashing. 

Social distancing requirements have also reduced access to spaces inside the venue, while tightened security has also had a impact. 

The secretariat said that the first days of the two-week conference had been a "learning process", and appealed for patience while awaiting to get in to the SECC. 

Glasgow Times:

It released a statement, saying: "The UN Climate Change secretariat would like to apologize for the inconveniences associated with accessing the venue of COP26, both physically and virtually.  

"COP26 is taking place under exceptional and unprecedented logistical circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic means that UNFCCC and the UK host government had to put many safety measures in place to protect the health of all participants.  

"This has meant reducing access to many spaces within the venue to ensure social distancing can be maintained as well as having to reduce the security and registration lanes in line with Covid-19-related protocols."

It added: "At the same time, we have seen unprecedented interest in this Conference, given the importance of addressing climate change, with high numbers of participants registering.  

"The World Leaders Summit, with its inevitable security arrangements, has added to the many logistical pressures," continuing: "In many ways, the first few days of the COP26 have been a learning process, with participants and staff getting used to the pandemic-related logistical measures and circumstances, and we are doing our utmost to continuously learn and adapt.  

"We sincerely ask participants to allow for sufficient time to access the venue. In the case of inclement weather, please come prepared with appropriate gear. 

"With your support and understanding we remain confident that we can achieve the best possible outcomes here at COP26 in Glasgow for people and the planet."