NATHAN Evans has been enjoying a rare day at home on the outskirts of Airdrie when he appears on the screen. “It’s been mental,” he says, laughing at the year’s he’s had. “I’ve been to Germany three times. I was in Austria. Played in Switzerland. I did a show to like 40,000 people, which was incredible.

“It’s just been wild.”

Wild is one word of it. Fairytale is another and had you written up a script of his last 12 months and sent it off to Hollywood, there’s a chance it would have been rejected for being too fanciful. 

For those not in the know, let’s recap. This time last year Evans was a postman in his hometown and getting ready for the Christmas rush. 

He was still living with the parents of his long time partner (and now wife) Holly and spent much of his free time enjoying a game of fives with his mates.

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But even more of it was spent on TikTok – the video sharing platform – where Evans was taking the world by storm with his twist on sea shanties. Clocking up millions of views and reviving a genre lost to time, it wasn’t long before he hit the mainstream and the rest, as they say, is history. 

His first single, Wellerman, a sea shanty remix, topped the UK singles charts, he found himself being interviewed by some of the world’s biggest publications, and even signed a record deal in January 2021. 

Glasgow Times: Nathan Evans

Safe to say, his postie days are long since gone but it took an appearance on Saturday night TV for his new reality to sink in. 

“One of the bigger ones was when I signed a record deal,” he recalls when asked about the time he realised his life had changed. “That was mental. But doing something like Ant & Dec. 

“Everyone watches it. Like all my family. Everyone puts it on. To be on that and at the end of the show, one of the biggest parts, was incredible. 

“That was a moment when I realised this was a bit different to being postman. “ 

Does he ever miss the days of pounding the streets of Airdrie? 

“A wee bit!” the 26-year-old replies. “I miss the exercise. I am getting to play a wee bit of football now and then I’ll get a space with my pals. 

“But I used to be walking 20/30,000 steps every day and then I would go and play football at night. I used to be really fit now I am really unfit! 

Glasgow Times:

“The Christmas rush was always really stressful and your days were getting a lot longer than normal. It was also peaceful as you were getting to walk around every day with your bag and headphones in. I do miss getting to chill and listen to a book.” 

Instead, Evans hasn’t slowed down all year. He released a second single, Told You So, with a third, Ring Ding (A Scotsman’s Song) following shortly after. He’s also written a book, The Book of Sea Shanties: Wellerman and Other Songs from the Seven Seas, which, you guessed it, is all about the history of the craze he brought back to life last year. 

But when it comes to highlights, he doesn’t need long to think of a few. The 40,000 people in Switzerland is a standout – “it was class and over in a flash,” he says – but above all was his appearance at TRNSMT in Glasgow Green, where he headlined the mainstage. 

“It’s the biggest festival in Scotland,” he says. “I had all my friends and all my family. Holly’s dad was there. It was just amazing, knowing all these people were there to support me. 

“Everyone was just loving it and there were Scotland flags everywhere and in the air. It was incredible.

Glasgow Times: Fans take in Nathan Evans' TRNSMT show Fans take in Nathan Evans' TRNSMT show

“After I did my set, because I was the first act on the main stage, I wasn’t sure whether to go out or not. I thought I might get recognised but it would be fine.

“I literally got bombarded all day by people who seen me and recognised me and knew who I was. I didn’t get five minutes but was so good. All the interactions with people were incredible and people were just having a good time.

“It’s good to see that people know you but have a big smile on their faces. They like you, which is better than the other way!” 

It isn’t just a festivals where Evans finds himself being stopped for pictures. The same is true for when he pops down to the shops in Airdrie with his wife Holly or even enjoys a game of fives in the town. But, he says, he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“Even though I have moved I still go to Airdrie Tesco and I can always see people looking at me and coming up to ask for photos,” he says. “But I love it. 

“Having grown up in Airdrie and lived there my whole life, people know me and there’s a bit of pride. 

“Everyone is behind you and just pushing you forward all the time. It’s such a good feeling and it’s one big community.” 

Next up for Evans is his first solo tour across Europe which begins in earnest next month.

It includes two dates at Glasgow’s King Tuts but, if you’re looking for tickets, you’re out of luck. 

Glasgow Times:

“When we were bringing the tour dates out and only supposed to play it once, I was nervous people wouldn’t buy the tickets.” Evans says. “At the time I only had one song out and didn’t know if people maybe wanted to hear more music.

“The first sold out and that was incredible. We’ve put a second date on and that’s sold out already. It’s mindblowing.” 

Evans’ book and his new single are both out now.