This November we are embracing the community spirit here at the Glasgow Times.  

Even with a whopping £20,000 cash pot set out for a Scottish charity in our Cash of Charities campaign, we want to go even further.  

It is up to our readers to decide how the fund will be split between a shortlist of eight organisations, including three in Glasgow.  

But we want to support them further – for any annual subscription taken out throughout November, we will donate £10 between the three charities.  

These include cancer support charity Maggie’s, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland and Beloved Rabbits. 

Maggie’s provides essential free support to people with cancer and their families. It was started by Maggie Keswick Jencks in 1996, in the hope to make the experience of cancer more manageable for everyone involved and to provide them with a space to find comfort and companionship.  

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland is a leading charity for people with chest, heart and stroke conditions. It strives to help these people can continue to live life to the fullest, providing help to communities across Scotland. The money would go towards funding our Hospital to Home services which help people living with chest, heart and stroke conditions manage their condition and live well at home.  

Beloved Rabbits was set up in Kirkintilloch in 2019 and the charity now has 100 volunteers across central Scotland, helping to improve the welfare of domestic rabbits through a range of services, including rabbit rescue and rehoming, adoption, bonding services and care advice. The pandemic has seen an increased demand for rabbit rehoming.  

Take out an annual subscription for £52 this month and we will donate £10 to support the hard work of the three charities.  

You can also help decide how the cash will be distributed by collecting the tokens appearing in our newspaper every day in November.  

You can then drop your tokens at collection points across our region, including supermarkets, restaurants and other prominent locations, or post them to Glasgow Times Readers’ Choice Cash for Charities Nominations, 125 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow G32 8FG.  

Tokens must arrive by the closing date of Sunday, November 28.  

Each token collected will then be used to allocate cash to the nominated charity – so if your favourite charity collects 50% of all tokens collected, it will receive £10,000. All eight charities are guaranteed a share of the cash pot.