PROTESTORS who reportedly tried to "glue themselves" to a Glasgow bridge are currently being removed by police.

Activists who have been occupying the King George V Bridge in Broomielaw for around two hours are being removed by Police Scotland's Protest Removal Team.

Glasgow Times:

The force confirmed it has been talking with the protestors.

A statement from Police Scotland reads: "Our Police Liaison Team is engaging with protestors on King George V Bridge at Broomielaw, Glasgow.

"We have facilitated a peaceful protest, but to balance right to protest with public safety & rights of the wider community, our Protest Removal Team is safely removing protestors." 

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Glasgow Times:

An eye-witness claimed that the group tried to "glue themselves to the road" during the protest.

He said: "A load of scientists chained themselves together by the neck. Four of them got taken away by the police.

"They also tried to glue themselves to the road but the glue didn't work because it's wet. Some scientists." 

Glasgow Times:

It comes as we previously reported that the bridge had closed to both pedestrians and vehicles earlier this afternoon.