TV icons The Wombles have stopped by a Glasgow park to do their bit for the environment by litter picking during COP26. 

Orinoco, Alderney and Great Uncle Bulgaria were on hand to help volunteers from Let's Clean Up Glasgow (LCUG) at Holdsworth Park in Finnieston today.Glasgow Times:

Known for their eco-conscious efforts to recycle our rubbish from their undergound Wimbledon home, The Wombles are in the city as official supporters of the UK government's #OneStepGreener campaign.

They have already made an appearance at the Green Zone, raising awareness of the importance of upcycling, reusing, environmentally friendly travel, reducing meat consumption, planting trees, and nurturing local wildlife.Glasgow Times:

Speaking on behalf of The Wombles, Orinoco said, “It felt like we were back home in Wimbledon Common! We had a brilliant time helping the amazing volunteers of LCUG keep their local green space and playpark free of any litter.

“The work LCUG carry out is crucial in spreading the message of positive environmentalism, and shows if we work together, we can all make a huge difference and take Scotland (along with the rest of the UK) one step closer to becoming a greener and more sustainable place to live.”Glasgow Times:

LCUG already organise weekly and monthly litter picks and street cleans, aiming to tackle the littering problem in Glasgow. 

Janine Neil from LCUG added, “Our team thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working alongside The Wombles to keep our local community litter free. The Wombles play a pivotal role in championing environmental action and we look forward to partnering again with Orinoco, Alderney and Great Uncle Bulgaria in the near distance future.”