IT’S great to see so many young people involved in showing their support to saving the planet ie the huge turnout on Friday. Youngsters of all ages lending their voices to the issue.

Schools have projects on the subject but what would be even better would be if children said to their parents “we’re walking to school, no car, we’re saving the planet”. Now that would be real action.


IN total agreement with the person who wrote about all the children taking part in Friday’s climate rally. I also wondered how many get “ferried” to and from school every day in oversized cars.

How many throw away a broken piece of technology instead of getting it repaired, or buy a new one because, at a year or two old, it’s “out of date”. How many go for a burger at the weekends or burn power and energy that is required to keep their iPads, laptops etc running? Are they all prepared to give all those things up? Probably not.

Name and address supplied

CERTAIN people in this city calling for the striking binmen to be sacked should catch on to themselves.

These people worked all through lockdown keeping our streets and rubbish under control. Pay them what they deserve.

Jack McGurk

NOTICEABLE that all the posts from anti-vaxxers in the letters page came from the same rubbish peddling source where the naive and sheep are residing.


I AGREE whole-heartedly with Daniel Harris concerning the UK’s demise in manufacturing.

It reminded me of my National Service time in the RAF in late 1956 while on my way to Christmas Island for the H-bomb tests.

Turns out they were big A-bombs, but never mind. For five days we were billeted at the US naval-air station in San Jose and on a shopping trip to nearby San Francisco I bought a Native American belt for my girlfriend back in Glasgow. A year later, back home, I presented my authentic gift and was horrified when she showed me the label: Made in Birmingham, England! Mind you, as Daniel says, now it would be China.

David Adams

I HAD to laugh when I read that Scottish Water will wait until mid-January to repair the collapsed sewer in Ingram St saying it’s to minimise disruption during the festive season.

As it’s already disrupting traffic surely it could be done before the festive season gets under way? Or is it just an excuse not to do it?

Stephen Ward