A global group of animal rights activists marched through Glasgow yesterday for COP26.

Politicians, animal rights and plant-based food advocates from all over the world took to the streets in the hopes of kickstarting a food revolution. 

Led by Dutch political party The Party For The Animals, the group has called on governments to pay attention to and tackle the livestock industry that causes more emissions of greenhouse gasses “than all cars, ships, trucks, trains and airplanes combined”.

Among them was MEP Anja Hazekamp, who has been named as one of the top five most influential politicians in the European Green Deal. Glasgow Times:

Anja said: “The march was amazing – it’s clear many citizens in Glasgow and Scotland support the animal rights movement and want a much-needed food revolution, but the issue is being ignored during COP26. 

“It feels like there’s a movement gathering pace in Scotland and our sister party in the UK, the Animal Welfare Party is gaining momentum across the UK. I want more Scottish people to join our movement so we can work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by tackling factory farming and push for a transition towards plant-based food.

“By 2030, it looks like the livestock sector is going to use up almost half of our emissions ‘budget’ - more than cars, ships, trucks, trains and airplanes combined - yet it’s barely mentioned during COP.

“Today we were proud to see that this serious issue isn’t being ignored by the people of Glasgow.”Glasgow Times:

The party's petition, #FOODREVOLUTION, has already been signed by 78,000 people. 

One of the participants in the march, Elaine Docherty from Glasgow, has been vegan for 12 years. She has joined Party for the Animals, the UK’s Animal Welfare Party (AWP), Viva Charity, Plant Based Treaty, Humane Society International and Proveg International.

She said: “Nobody in power is talking about the connection between animal agriculture and climate change. I hope one of the outcomes of COP is that governments take action and stop subsiding the meat and dairy industry. 

“The atmosphere today was fantastic. I think this activity will make everyone think about veganism. I’ve not been able to get involved in animal activism recently because of Covid so it’s nice to come together with so many like-minded people from around the world.”

The #FoodRevolution COP26 march for a fair and more plant-based food system is just the start of a weekend of action for the party. 

Today, experts, politicians and leaders will come together at a special conference held in Sloan’s Bar in Glasgow’s Argyle Street. Among the speakers is Oxford University environment and agriculture researcher Joseph Poore who recently revealed that the meat industry is responsible for 28 percent of all harmful emissions, from the animals themselves and the processing.”