FORMER US president Barack Obama has arrived in Glasgow ahead of his appearance at the COP26 climate summit.

Obama was president as the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 at the COP21 summit in France.

He arrived at Glasgow Airport last night and will be speaking at the summit later today and is expected to talk about the world's road ahead in the battle against climate change and what young people can do.

Obama will give a speech at 2pm today. He is expected to urge "more robust action going forward by all of us — governments, the private sector, philanthropy, and civil society".

Last week, Obama wrote on Twitter: "Five years ago, the Paris Agreement went into effect. Paris provided an important framework in the fight against climate change, but it wasn’t enough. That’s why I’ll be speaking in Glasgow on Monday about the road ahead and what young people in particular can do to help."

Current US president and Obama's former vice-president Joe Biden was in Scotland for the first two days of the summit last week alongside other world leaders. 

This is the former US president's first trip to Scotland since 2017.