FORMER US President Barack Obama visited Strathclyde University today to join a discussion with young leaders attending COP26. 

The Obama Foundation, in collaboration with Columbia University's Climate School, hosted a round table at Strathcyde's Learning and Teaching Building to connect President Obama with people from around the globe. 

They discussed how young people are leading the fight against climate change, and how they can continue to make their voices heard. 

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, principal of Strathclyde University, who welcomed President Obama to the university said: "The University community is honoured to welcome President Obama to Strathclyde, and we are delighted to see the Obama Foundation amplifying the voices of young people around the world on climate change and sustainability.

"Climate change is undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing the world today, and one that requires the efforts of world leaders, and indeed, experts in every sector, to find solutions at pace. 

"Our young leaders are playing a critical role in the journey ahead, by making an impact in their communities, by developing the skills needed by employers and society, and by persuading world leaders of the need for urgent action.

"The Obama Foundation's mission to inspire, empower and connect people to change their world is very much in keeping with Strathclyde's Enlightenment roots as a ‘place of useful learning' dedicated to making a positive difference to the lives of our students, our city and the global communities we serve.

"As a socially progressive University, to be visited by such a global champion of social progress and equality is a great honour for the entire Strathclyde community".

Last week, the university and Strath Union hosted the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY26), the world's largest annual youth gathering on climate change. 

President Obama visited the Union today to meet with Obama Foundation Fellows, a group of innovators and leaders who were selected by the Foundation to meet with him and discuss their ideas to address the world's most pressing problem. 

He was also gifted an Honorary Life Membership from the Union. 

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Benn Rapson, president of Strath Union, said: “Strath Union is delighted to welcome President Obama and the Obama Foundation fellows to our brand-new student union at the heart of our campus.

"President Obama's roots as an organiser and activist are at the heart of what Strath Union is about and many of us were inspired by his run for the White House and subsequent re-election.

"The landmark Paris Agreement is one of President Obama's proudest accomplishments during his term in office.

"This week during COP26 and prior to that with the Conference of Youth, we have seen the collective power of youth and young people.

"Their message is pushing world leaders to go further to meet the needs of the climate crisis and build upon the solid foundations laid by the Paris Agreement.

"The work of the Obama foundation focuses on empowering the voices of young people and that's a message we thoroughly endorse."

He added: "I am delighted that we can bestow an Honorary Life Membership to President Obama today in recognition of his work to empower and embolden the voices of young people across the world.

"We very much look forward to welcoming President Obama to future engagements with the student body at Strathclyde, and for a game of pool at The Terrace accompanied by a cold refreshing pint.”

With the lifetime membership, the former President has access to the new Students Union at 51 Richmond Street, where facilities include the Terrace Bar, with premium food and drink at student prices, along with pool tables and darts lane. 

Other visitors who have received the coveted membership include Sir Billy Connolly.