A campaign to stop a new drive thru restaurant near Ibrox Stadium is urging people to object to the plans.

Plans have been submitted to the council for a new drive thru in the grounds of a petrol station in Paisley Road West, in Ibrox.

Currently, the BP garage site is home to a shop, a four island petrol pump forecourt and a disused drive through car wash.

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Under the plans, if approved it would include a new two-storey drive-thru restaurant, an expanded shop and a new re-instated car wash.

The site owners say there is “limited eateries nearby” despite there being a McDonalds and KFC at Helen Street less than a mile away and under 8 minutes by car.

There are also several food outlets on Paisley Road West.

In an area where there are car parking spaces it is planned to build the restaurant with the drive-thru. The car parking spaces would be moved.

Cars would enter from Paisley Road West and exit at the other end of the site.

The applicant GSHL said: “The drive thru will provide a new type of service to the locality as there are a limited number of eateries at present.

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“The one-storey structure of the drive-thru will also provide a seating area for customers to allow longer stays on site. The entrance to the dine-in part of the drive-thru will be on the north elevation, clearly visible as you enter the site off Paisley Road West.”

The deadline for objections is Thursday.

The Scottish Greens are encouraging local people to state their objections to Glasgow City Council who will decide on the application.

They said: “Drive throughs can come at a big environmental and social cost, increasing traffic and air pollution for local residents. Not only will it bring more cars into the area but is an issue of road safety as will make the busy crossing points near the BP Garage even more difficult for local residents.”

They say the council agreed to curb the number of drive thrus as a way of tackling climate change.

The Greens added: “This proposal will have the opposite effect. Drive throughs not only increase harmful emissions and entrench car use but increase traffic congestion.

“We already have drive through Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds in the nearby Helen Street retail park, we do not need any more for Ibrox, especially in such a densely populated residential area.”