A GROUP of protestors 'sunk' a boat with 'world leaders' on board in a stunt to demand urgent action on global warming.

Organised by Glasgow Actions Team (GAT), a group that formed in the run-up to COP26, the boast was displayed this morning at 10am on the Forth and Clyde canal.

The boat was designed to look like the COP26 main negotiating stage and volunteers were dressed up as 'some of the worst offenders who are blocking the conference'.

Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Turkish president Erdogan were amongst the leaders on the half-sunken ship.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The stunt was designed to symbolise the world flooding due to climate change, while world leaders argue at the conference.

Activists aim to send a message of urgent action to stop the rising of global temperatures.

GAT director Andrew Nazdin said: "There are just a few days left of COP26. The outcome of this conference is life or death for a lot of people in the world.

"World leaders have literally hours left to negotiate a deal that's going to keep us below 1.5°C in terms of warming.

"We've seen that what they have put up so far is going to put us well above 2 °C. That is a death sentence for people around the world."