It's blowing a gale when I set off to Reds Hair Studio in Stepps on the outskirts of Glasgow.

However, not even the stormiest weather so far this year can come between me and a hair treatment (I haven't yet tried) that promises to eliminate frizz.

I've had most of the keratin treatments with varying degrees of success including the early ones that contained toxic formaldehyde and it's very good news for clients and hairdressers that his has now been eliminated from the newer treatments.

I'm welcomed with a hot cup of tea (in a Covid-safe paper cup) from Roisin, the stylist at Reds Hair Studion in Stepps who will be carrying out my KeraStraight Ultimate treatment and her glossy locks are an excellent advert for the multi award-winning product.

Glasgow Times:

While I can't hope to gain her voluminous waves this evening, I'm hopeful it will at least improve the texture of my dry, frizzy red hair.

Expect to spend up to three hours in the chair for KeraStraight, which starts with a double shampoo using a pre-treatment cleanser. The hair is then towel dried and Roisin applies the treatment in small sections (this is what takes the most time) before leaving the treatment to work its magic for 30-45 minutes.

After a thorough rinse, the hair is then blow dried and straightened (again in very small sections) to seal in the product.

Glasgow Times:

I'm delighted with the end result, my hair is smooth and glossy and feels silky to the touch.

Be aware that the treatment will lift colour a little so you might want to do it post-dye and there should be at least a two day gap.

After-care is simple and the smoothing effect will last up to four months. Roisin advises me to rinse my hair for five minutes before the first shampoo and the price includes a take home pack, also including conditioner.

It's safe to say I'm hooked.

KeraStraight Ultimate treatment is available at Reds Hair Studio, 4 Cardowan Drive, Stepps, Glasgow, G33 6HD. For bookings call 0141 779 5757.