Free public transport in Glasgow should be the legacy of COP 26 campaigners have said.

Campaign group Get Glasgow Moving, environmentalists and trade unionists joined a protest in George Square to call for a radical transport revolution in the city.

Campaigners highlighted the free travel pass available to COP delegates while citizens struggle with rising fares.

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Ellie Harrison of Get Glasgow Moving said: “The legacy of COP 26 we can deliver is free integrated public transport.

“It is the only way we can tackle the climate emergency.”

Union representatives backed the calls and said transport in Glasgow is not affordable to many people in the city.

Stuart Graham of Glasgow City Unison branch said: “It costs £4.70 for an all day bus ticket for somebody on benefits or low pay  it’s a choice of food or transport.”

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The COP ticket gives free public transport on buses, trains and the Subway to and from the SEC from anywhere in Scotland for pass holders.

The same pass works on the ticketing systems of all three.

There has been calls for an integrated transport ticket for Glasgow but always some problem with integration was raised.

Martin Bartos, chair of Transport body, SPT said: “It requires government investment. It’s been possible for a long time.

“There’s been challenges but they have always been surmountable. What is different is the money spent by the UK and Scottish governments.”