THE CLIMATE summit in Glasgow has got us all thinking about our own carbon footprint. 

Whether you recycle, use public transport, buy second-hand or reduce your meat intake, there are loads of ways we can collectively contribute to making our planet a better place. 

I'm already a pescatarian, technically, but I've vowed to go vegan three days a week to try and make more of a difference. 

And, I'm surprised at just how well Glasgow caters to those who don't eat meat - the options are endless. 

Glasgow Times:

In the mood for Asian food and after hearing only great reviews, we decide to go for Suissi in Partick.

I was instantly impressed by the takeaway menu - there's pho, tofu, curries, soups and noodles. It's bursting with options. 

After a lot of consideration, we go for the curry Laska pho, Cantonese crispy noodles, tempeh crisps, salt and chili chips (we had to), vegetable gyozas and the banana pancakes - just to be cheeky. 

Glasgow Times:

And as the kind lady took our order on the phone, we anticipated a speedy delivery - given we are only a seven-minute walk around the corner.  

It took just over an hour to arrive which was just a little bit too long for us as we started to get angry. When the buzzer went off, we jumped to our feet and danced to the door to meet the delivery driver. 

Despite the wait, the order did not disappoint. 

Each dish was full of flavour and compounded with fresh ingredients. The tofu was springy and the chips were crispy yet fluffy on the inside. 

Glasgow Times:

The pho was particularly good, the massaman flavours were rich with a coconut milk base and a mildly spicy zing - it's a true Malaysian staple that Suissi are offering up. 

The Cantonese crispy noodles with pak choi and tofu cooked in a thick soya sauce were alright but didn't compare closely to the pho. 

We both agreed that the banana pancakes were the best dish from the whole order. Simply filled with slices of banana, biscoff spread and maple syrup, they were absolutely delightful and a must if you're ordering from Suissi.

Overall, I was impressed by this West End delight. We ate the whole lot in one sitting.

Glasgow Times:

If you're in the mood for authentic, Asian vegan food it's worth adding to your list. I'll definitely be going back again. 

Pho - £9

Tempeh crisps - £3.70

Vegetable gyoza - £5

Cantonese Crispy noodles - £8.50

Salt and chili chips - £4

Banana pancakes - £4

Jasmine rice  - £3

Delivery - £2.50

Total - £39.70

Glasgow Times: