A Glasgow pub has successfully raised funds for a defibrillator less than a month after opening.

The Florida Park, located in the city’s Southside, began their plight in early October to raise £1500 for the life-saving device with the help of their loyal customers and their own kindness.

Just four weeks later, they announced that they had achieved their goal.Glasgow Times:

Operator manager Elaine Ferrie said: “We’ve only been open for a month, and we thought we’d maybe get the money by Christmas. Some other pubs have been doing it for months, but to have done it in four weeks is amazing. We are so overwhelmed.”

The staff decided to kick off the fundraising by donating their own tips every night.  A Facebook post from October 9 said: “To keep the heart of the community beating, The Florida Park will be donating all tips from today to the local community to raise money for a defibrillator.”Glasgow Times:

After one day they had already raised £183 of their £1500 target by collecting tips from customers and organising a raffle.

Weekly raffles, tips and an impressive £1000 anonymous donor helped raise the amount higher and higher until they announced on November 6 that they had reached their target.

Elaine works for Proper Pubs, the operator managed platform of Hawthorn who pride themselves on being “community obsessed”. She did not know the area when she was drafted to the role but has since been wowed by the efforts of the locals.

She said: “The community has been amazing, and I am blown away by their generosity. The donor who gave £1000 just walked into the pub one day with an envelope and they genuinely wanted to stay anonymous. It was such a kind act.”

Elaine and the staff feel that having a defibrillator is crucial for the Florida Park. It could not only be a lifeline for a pub full of customers should someone take unwell, but for the huge crowds that frequent Hampden stadium and Mount Florida train station a few minutes’ walk away.

She said: “It’s important for the customers, and for people going to and from the train station and Hampden for football games and concerts. I come from an events background, and I wish more places had defibrillators.”  

The British Heart Foundation advises that a defibrillator is a device that can be used by anyone. Medical training is not needed and can be used to save someone’s life if they are in cardiac arrest. They are designed to deliver clear instructions and would never shock someone unless they require it.Glasgow Times:

Now that this achievement has been made, the Florida Park is keen to keep giving something back.

The pub will not only serve as a drop-off point for foodbanks, but as a safe space to talk. Through Hawthorn’s partnership with mental health charity Chasing the Stigma, the community can access mental health support. Regular pubgoers can also use the opportunity to talk if they are struggling. 

Matthew Gurney, Operations Director of Proper Pubs, said: “Elaine is a true community hero, and she has done a great job raising the funds for this important installation. Congratulations to the entire team at Florida Park and we very much look forward to seeing what you do next.”

Elaine said: “This community means everything to me, and the fundraising for the defibrillator is only the start. We will continue to support the people who drink with us, work with us, and live near us, so if anyone has any suggestions for what we should do next, I’m all ears.”