Giant sea goddess Storm has returned to Glasgow after a walking tour to raise awareness of the ocean crisis. 

The 10 metre tall creation 'rose' from the River Clyde at the Govan docks today, before she 'walked' across Water Row.

Guided by puppeteers dressed in yellow raincoats, Storm marched along the street surrounded by spectators who tried to capture the moment on their phones and cameras. Glasgow Times:

The puppeteers managed to make the lifelike puppet blink and turn her head around to watch the crowd below. They stopped outside Govan and Linthouse Parish Church where more people were gathered and music was playing.  

Storm is created from recyclable materials and has done a walking tour of Scotland to highlight the issues facing our seas caused by climate change.

She has previously visited Glasgow in May 2020 for the Celtic Connections festival.  Glasgow Times: Credit: Jassy Earl.Credit: Jassy Earl.

Symon Macintyre, Vision Mechanics Artistic Director, said: “We created Storm to walk through the towns and cities of Scotland, to remind us of our commitment to making the changes necessary to tackle the climate crisis.

"Her journey has been a celebration of our communities, the joy of reconnection with our friends and neighbours and the awesome impact of a 10m tall sea goddess.”

Culture Minister Jenny Gilruth said: “Storm delivers a powerful environmental message about the sea and how we can all play a part in protecting our coastal waters. I am delighted that the Scottish Government and our public bodies have been able  to support both Storm’s creation from recyclable materials to celebrate the Year of Coasts and Waters as well as this appearance at COP26.

"Storm will be an impressive sight as she strides through Govan with the local community arts and music groups supporting her in this compelling interactive event.”