CLIMATE protesters have been letting down the tyres on SUVs in Glasgow.

Anonymous protesters have reportedly targeted vehicles parked in the West End of the city, where the COP26 climate conference is being held.

Jamie MacConnacher flagged one incident on Twitter.

Sharing an image of a flyer left by the protesters alongside one of a flat tyre, he wrote: “Vehicles around the west end have been targeted overnight.

“Understand the need for change but acts of vandalism and criminal damage are not the answer!”

He told the BBC he had come downstairs to find his "two front tyres had been totally deflated".

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The flyer left behind by the activists read: “Attention: Climate Violation. Your SUV contributes to the second biggest cause of carbon emissions rise in the last decade. This is why we have disarmed your car by deflating one or more of its tyres.

“If SUV drivers were a nation, in 2018 they would have ranked as the 7th biggest emitter of CO2.

“Unnecessary luxury lifestyle choices in rich countries are part of what is driving the climate breakdown. This process is already having devastating impacts on people in poor countries… and we won’t be spared here either.

“Action is required from you: go small, go public transport.”

Police Scotland said it was aware of reports of tyres having been deflated, but said it had not heard of any being punctured.

A spokesperson from the force said: "We are aware of these incidents and there will be increased patrols in the area to provide reassurance to local residents."