Almost £50,000 will be spent transforming sections of the Kelvin Walkway into an active travel route after funding was granted to the Hillhead area partnership.

Glasgow City Council has awarded £48,958 to the partnership as part of its parks and open spaces programme which aims to secure Glasgow as a “dear green space” for residents and visitors alike.

During the committee meeting it was agreed that the fund should be used to regenerate different sections of the walkway, in the West End, with the majority of the money used to create an active travel route while supporting and enhancing cultural heritage.

It was agreed that £27,000 will be spent renovating the flintmill, situated along the walkway, by rebuilding fallen masonry, carrying out minor repairs, preventing vegetation growth and incorporating new brick and stonework, bringing the mill back to a level height.

The entire part of this project will cost £32,739 which means that the area partnership will have to seek funding from elsewhere to complete the work which will safeguard the mill.  

Members of the partnership also agreed to spend £18,500 to create and enhance an active travel route along the canal by improving perceptions of water safety.

Around 200 metres of new hardwood timber fencing will be installed including fence posts from Lade to the flintmill. 

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The final £3000 will be used to create a surface water management system at Gibson Street to prevent the water from rising.

It is hoped the development will support climate resilience by creating a new outlet pipe that will prevent the water from the Kelvin spilling onto the path.  

During the area partnership this week, members agreed they should walk alongside the canal to see exactly where the work will take place.

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Councillor Martha Wardrop said: “I think that section [improving water safety and developing an active travel route] is probably a priority for the Hillhead ward. 

“I think we want the £18,500 to be spent developing that proposal and the rest of the money be spent in the flint mill.”

An update on the exact amount of money needed for each project will be brought back before the area partnership.