PROTESTORS performed one of their last stunts to demand urgent action on climate change as COP26 draws to a close.

Glasgow Actions Team created a live art installation near the Scottish Events Campus, where the summit is being held.

On the last day of the UN talks, they asked world leaders and delegates 'Which side are you on?' as they presented two different worlds: 'fossil fuel hellscape' or 'liveable, thriving community'.

The fossil fuel-filled future was represented by flames and the logos of companies that activists claim are choosing profit over action on climate change.

On the other side, flowers and leaves symbolised climate justice, with slogans like 'real zero', 'make Paris work' and 'keep 1.5°C alive'.

In the centre of the installation were world leaders such as Boris Johnson and Joe Biden, towards whom the question was posed.

The display was placed strategically in view of the gates of the SEC, where COP26 negotiations are ongoing, for one more day.