Tattoo studio Black Abbey Glasgow hosted a charity event to raise money for a loneliness and animal charity.

The parlor hosted a Flash Day last weekend, where people could get dog-themed tattoos specifically created for the event.

Each artist used their own style to design unique, beautiful pieces and all of the proceedings went straight to Give a Dog a Bone.

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Customers, and one of the staff members, who was also inked, raised £1475 for the charity.

Give a Dog a Bone works to combat loneliness in older people by financially supporting them to adopt rescued animals or care for their own pets.

Katrina Moohan, Digital Lead at Give a Dog a Bone said: "We have never done anything with tattoos before, Black Abbey Glasgow got in touch with us to say that they will be running this charity day.

"It's really nice that we get an opportunity to spread awareness in people and get them to help us tackle the feeling of loneliness in adults."