A GLUTEN free bakery has announced that they are opening a new venue in Glasgow. 

Wild Flours, which currently has a store in Giffnock, revealed on social media that they will be setting up their new branch on Duke Street soon.

Today they posted a photo of a store front of an old shoe shop called Easiephit with the shutters closed.  

The post read: "Just imagine that sign said Wild Flours East and inside there are lots of chairs & tables, things to eat, friendly faces and good vibes.

You can have all this soon! Our new place opening soon. Follow @wildflourseast to be kept up to date!"

Wild Flours specialises in gluten free and vegan products, and sells a range of breads, cakes, biscuits and pastries.

They make cakes to order and bake fresh bread every day. 

It is not yet known when the new store will be opening, but the bakery have told fans to keep updated through following them on social media.