So what to talk about in this week’s column – COP26 or the men’s national football team?

COP: they think it’s all over, it is now.

Scotland: they think it’s Moldova, it Chișinău.

One talked about stopping eating bacon, the other brought it home.

That was a poor Danish pun, I admit, so let my next quote be from someone who really could write!:

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us. To see oursels as ithers see us!”

So why bring this quote up? Well one thing COP did is reveal what visitors make of Glasgow, its people and even me and my fellow drivers.

Here’s a few of my favourites written online during COP about us humble Glasgow taxi drivers.

“My housemate just told me about her Glaswegian taxi driver who’s ‘had his eyes opened’ during #COP26, so has spent his time off this week helping plant seagrass meadows off the coast of Scotland and reading up on net zero vs zero carbon”

“Glaswegian taxi drivers are the best. They'll know your life story no matter how long/short the journey and never underestimate the impact that conversation is having.”

“The BEST! My friend found a gem who helped us out all week. He cares so much about the COP26 outcome, goes on vacation Sunday, has two kids, gave me mortgage advice, and knows my cat’s name *Face with tears of joy* #GlasgowHospitality”

“I just rode with that same taxi driver last night! It was such a highlight of this #Cop26 for me”

“I had some absolutely brilliant chats with Glasgow taxi drivers about climate.”

“Glasgow’s taxi drivers are awesome. Always interesting and informed chats about health.”

“I also found the taxi drivers in Glasgow amazingly engaged in the news of the day.”

And finally, one from slightly closer to home …

“We love @glasgow_taxis, they are @PartickThistle partners and have a fab Thistle branded taxi as well as lovely drivers.”

And that’s from the chairman of the Jags no less (thanks Jacqui!).

So there you have it – turns out visitors continue to be bowled over by their welcome to Glasgow.

Except the Danish football team! Sorry lads.

On that, and inspired by the Bard, I might have an early go at writing and strumming a 2022 World Cup song.

Now where did I put my Qatar …

Stay safe!