A MAN caught with a knife on two separate occasions in Glasgow city centre has been jailed for 32 months.

Jordan Henry was initially snared with a blade inside a credit card at Central Station on April 25 this year.

He was captured on CCTV with a blood-stained knife later thrown on the canopy at the station on August 10 this year.

He pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to separate charges of having a knife without a reasonable excuse or lawful authority.

The court heard of the first incident in which there were reports of a disturbance and the station.

Officers saw a group of men shouting at each other and Henry was told to calm down.

Henry, upon seeing the officer, tried to hide behind another man in the group.

Prosecutor Hannah Terrance said: "He was told to take his hand out his pocket and as officers took hold of him, he threw away a black square item.

"On further examination the item was a folding credit card style knife."

The hearing was told of the second incident in which CCTV spotted Henry in a disturbance with four other men at the junction between Hope Street and Gordon Street.

Ms Terrance stated it is not known how or why the fight started.

Henry was seen to gesture at the men while a knife was visible in his right hand.

He was then assaulted by the four men and was struck to the face with a bottle.

Henry initially walked away from them before the five met up again where there was a further "altercation" close to the station.

As officers approached them, the group fled the scene.

Ms Terrance added: "A witness was seen throwing the knife in his right hand on to the glass canopy above the entrance to the station.

"Officers recovered a silver handled blood-stained knife from the canopy with assistance from staff at the station."

Henry was taken to hospital meantime for treatment before being processed at a police station.