What to eat when you are in the grip of the ‘world’s worst cold’ currently doing the rounds?

It lasted around three weeks and despite the old adage that you should feed a cold and starve  fever, it had left me with very little appetite and my usual takeaway options did not appeal.

After about half an hour sifting through the delivery sites, it was starting to feel like a futile Netflix search for some watchable TV.
The best option would probably have been a spicy curry to help sweat out the virus but the heart wants what the heart wants so I settled on pizza – simple, filling and hopefully tasty.

I prefer my pizza cooked the Roman way, with a thin crust and a dough that’s almost like a flat focaccia. 

It’s sold by the slice in bakeries across the city as pizza bianca (white pizza) and pizza rossa (red pizza), topped with either olive oil and salt or a simple tomato sauce. 

I’m not a fan of the thick crusts and slightly soggy middle sections that are the mainstay of some of the most popular places in Glasgow.

After considering my options, I settled on Zizzi, on Cresswell Lane off Byres Road.

They offer Pizza Rustica, which is said to be more like a pie than a pizza but from the pictures on the website looked square and flat. I went for the simple but often best (if the ingredients are good) Margherita with tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil that is priced £9.25.

Zizzi offers a very good selection of pizza,  whether you are a vegan or hard-core carnivore. The posh bacon ‘N egg comes with pancetta, Burford brown eggs, chestnut mushrooms, crispy sage and mozzarella.

I fancied something extra to try to tempt my tastebuds back into action and plumped for the crispy fries (£4.00) seasoned with rosemary and sea salt. A healthier choice would have been the sweet potato fries as new research shows they are practically a guilt-free snack due to the nutritional benefits.

Delivery took around an hour which was a bit longer than I’d like but at least it helped perk up my appetite. 

The verdict?  Full marks for the pizza, it was thin, crispy and extremely flavoursome and perfectly sized although some might feel it’s a bit on the small side.

The fries were tasty enough but a bit soggy by the time the Deliveroo driver arrived at my door. Bonus points for free delivery though.