Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has called the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital infection scandal "the worst scandal in the devolution era."

Speaking at first minister's questions today, Mr Sarwar said: "I have repeatedly come to this chamber to raise tragedy after tragedy at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

"Despite that, we still have a culture of cover-up, denial and families being failed.

Glasgow Times:

"Everyone should read the heartbreaking words from Louise Slorrance, the widow of Andrew Slorrance, who died in December after being treated for cancer.

"Andrew went into the hospital to get treatment that would prolong his life. Instead in hospital, he contracted Covid and then a fungal infection."

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"Why? Why after everything that has happened do we still have a culture of cover up, secrecy and denial with families being forced to take on this system to get the truth?"

Ms Sturgeon reassured the chamber that she has read Ms Slorrance's words "very carefully" and paid tribute to Mr Slorrance saying he made "an exceptional contribution" to the Scottish Government's work.

Glasgow Times:

Ms Sturgeon added: "We will be engaging with Greater Glasgow health board so that the concerns that have been raised will be properly investigated. We will do everything possible to ensure that Andrew's family get the answers they are seeking and also consider very carefully whether the concerns that have been raised by Louise Slorrance raise wider issues that require to be addressed.

It is understood the chief operating officer of NHS Scotland has contacted Greater Glasgow and Clyde to establish the facts.

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Mr Sarwar responded, adding: "The first minister says she's heard these concerns from me for years. So why is it still happening? If even the widow of Andrew Slorrance can't get the truth and justice she deserves when he was at the heart of this government, what chance does anybody else in our country have?" 

Mr Sarwar called for a Crown Office led enquiry into the scandal but Ms Sturgeon told him it would be "inappropriate" for the first minister to directly instruct them as it is independent of ministers.

The Labour leader then called for Nicola Sturgeon to "grip this issue and take ownership of it" and claimed that "not a single person" had been held accountable for "catastrophic" errors at the hospital.

"This cannot continue. From start to finish, the scandal at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has happened under Nicola Sturgeon's watch.

"Enough is enough. This is the worst scandal of the devolution era and in any other country in the world, there would be resignations and sackings." 

The first minister emphasised that there was currently a public enquiry underway, instructed by the Scottish Government. "On the substance of the issues the public enquiry is doing that work right now. The findings and any recommendations that flow from that enquiry absolutely should be, must be and will be acted upon."